Primary 5 Science 2014 Revision Classes for End of Year Examination

With the end of PSLE 2014, I would be opening new P5 Science Revision classes starting this weekend on 11th (Saturday) and 12th of October (Sunday). The timings are 1-3pm and 4-6pm forĀ  both days. The minimum number of students required to start a class is 2 students and the maximum number of students is 6. My classroom can seat 8 students and the 2 extra seats are for students who may need to switch classes once in a while. Please go to my Science Class Schedule for more information.

Primary Science - Inspiring Science Tuition
Primary Science – Inspiring Science Tuition

During the Science tuition, I would cover the proper techniques to answer the Science questions, especially for the structured questions in Section (B). Students would be shown the correct Science keywords and allocation of marks for each question. I consider myself a meticulous teacher and would go through all the questions thoroughly with proper explanation. Most teachers and tutors cannot teach Science well because they would just read out the answer aloud, asking the students to copy without explaining much. I would not do that. Please go to About the PSLE Science Tuition webpage and About the PSLE Science Teacher webpage for more information regarding how the Science lesson is conducted and my teaching background.

I do have some prerequisites for taking in students:

1. Student should be getting a score of 60 and above for his or her most recent Science examinations. A copy of the student’s Science Exam Paper is required for verification. (I am sorry that if your child is getting less than 60 marks, group tuition is not suitable. You should try 1-to-1 tuition from other Primary Science Tutors instead. I am no longer providing 1-to-1 Science Tuition)

2. Student should be well-behaved during lesson and at least show some interest in Science. (I am strictly not taking in mischievous students who disturb the class and other students or unmotivated students)

3. Student should be able to attend at least 75% of the regular class. (I am not taking in students who skip lesson or switch classes regularly without a valid reason or those students who are heavily involved in CCAs that prevents them from attending normal lesson.)

There would be a total of 3 lessons conducted and the fees is $187.50. Please visit the Tuition Fees page for more details.

If you are interested in the Primary 5 Science Tuition before the Semestral 2 examinations, you can contact me via the Contact the Tutor page.

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