Below are the results of my students during the CA1 2015. On average, each student improves by 10-15 marks after 2-3 months of tuition. Names of students are not released to provide their privacy. If you need verification of the results, I can show you before the first lesson starts.

PSLE Science Exam Results
PSLE Science Tuition Results

Student 1 – Improves from 80 to 91 (Top in class, 3rd best class from Pei Hua)

Student 2 – Improves from 68 to 83 (Slightly below class average, student is in best class from Princess Elizabeth)

Student 3 – Improves from 79 to 87.5 (Student is from best class in Xingnan primary)

Student 4 – Improves from 74 to 86 (2nd in class, student is from 2nd best class, Pioneer Primary)

Student 5 – Improves from 61 to 71 (Student is from average class of West Groove Primary School)

Student 6 – Maintain result of 74. No improvement. (Student is from 3rd class in Fairfield Methodist Primary)

Please note that more than half of my students do not have CA1, so I have a limited number of results.

Copyscape for PSLE Science website


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