PSLE Science Tuition FAQs
PSLE Science Tuition FAQs


Q: Can you tell me more about your PSLE Science Tuition?

A. My PSLE Science Tuition is a tuition service set up to provide small group tuition (maximum of 6 students) for P6 students. The lesson focuses on the drilling of Scientific keywords and concepts as it is my strong belief that the foundation of Primary Science is based on keywords and concepts. For more information about the science tuition, please go to About the PSLE Science Tuition

Q: What are Science keywords or key phrases and why are they important?

A. Examples of Science keywords or key phrases are “gains heat”, “closed circuit”, “kinetic energy”, etc. They are of paramount importance for answering the structured questions in Section(B) where marks are allocated based mainly mainly the correct keywords used. If your child is aiming to get A*, he or she must first know which are the important keywords for each Science topics and then learn how to use the keywords correctly when answering the questions.

Q: What is your teaching experience and teaching style?

A: I have more than 10 years of teaching experience in schools, tuition centres and individual tuition. I try to make the students think on their own first and come up with their own answers before explaining the correct concepts thoroughly. I do not like to spoonfeed the students directly if possible. If you need further information, please go to About the PSLE Science Tutor for more details.

Q: Do you have your own in-house Science notes and Science worksheets?

A: I write all the Science notes and powerpoints myself personally. I do not hire anyone to write them for me. As for the worksheets, the questions would be extracted from various assessment books and exam papers. Writing my own science questions would take too much time due to the drawing or scanning of pictures and diagrams.

Q: How long does my child needs to attend your lessons before improvements can be seen?

A: On average, most of my students improve by 10 – 15 marks within 2-3 months of regular science tuition. I have helped many students who keep scoring between 75 – 85 to become one of the top students in class during prelims and eventually and obtain an “A*” in PSLE. For the group of weaker students, I have helped a girl from Marymount Primary improves from 36 (P6 SA1) to 67 marks (P6 Prelim) and finally an “A” during PSLE within 3 – 4 months. Please go to PSLE Science Tuition Results page for my students’ results this year.

Q: Do your offer Primary Science Tuition at P3, P4 and P5 level?

A: I only offer Primary Science Tuition at the P6 level due to the different sequence of topics taught at other levels in different schools.  At the P6 level, the sequence of topics being taught towards the end of the curriculum is the same for all primary schools. Due to the complexity of co-ordination, I do not intend to open classes for other levels.

Q: Since you do not open Science classes for other levels, is 1 year of primary science tuition sufficient for my child to get an “A” or “A*” during PSLE?

A: For the average student, getting an “A” for Science during PSLE is definitely achievable within 1 year of proper coaching. However, getting an “A*” for Science during PSLE requires a lot of hardwork. Many students who were consistently getting around 80 marks but below 90 marks attended my Science lessons for a few months (minimum of 3-4 months is required) and achieved top positions in class during the school prelims and an “A*” during PSLE . Please note that the students were hardworking, motivated to do well and just needed some proper guidance. If your child is not ready to work hard, no matter how good the tutor is, it would be very hard to see much improvement.

Q. How do I signup for the Science classes and how much do I have to pay?

A. You can email me via the Contact Page  to reserve a slot for the class you are interested in to sign up. Please check the Class Schedule for the days, timings and the number of remaining vacancies.  The fees for the month will be prorated based on which week the student joins the class and is payable before the first lesson. Fees can be paid either by cash or bank transfer.

Q: Is there any trial lesson?

A: There is strictly no trial lesson. Students who join mid-way have to sign up for a minimum of 4 lessons as I believe that a commitment of 1 month is needed to better judge if the class is suitable for the student.

Q: How do I terminate the Science tuition?

A: The tuition can be terminated without any reason within 2 – 3 weeks’ advance notice (students must attend 2 more lessons after notice is given).

Q. If my child miss a lesson, is there any makeup lesson? Would there be a refund of fees if my child cannot attend any of the makeup lesson?

A. A makeup lesson can be arranged, subjected to availability within the same week. There is no refund of fees if your child is unable to attend any of the makeup lesson. The set of notes and worksheets would be given to your child for the lesson missed.

Q: Can my child asks questions for his or her school work?

Students can stay back after lesson for clarification of questions. However, if your child has too many questions, it would be better to seek consultation from other Science tutors providing 1-to-1 tuition.

Q: Do you have classes specially for GEP students or Science Olympiad students?

A: My PSLE Science classes is based on the normal MOE PSLE Science syllabus. I do not have any experience in teaching GEP or Science Olympaid students.

Q: Is there any Science Experiment conducted during lessons?

A: The Science lessons would involve powerpoint presentation and watching of videos and flash animations to enhance the student’s understanding. There would be no Science Experiment due to lack of resources.

Q.Do you teach other subjects or offer 1 to 1 lessons at the student’s place?

A. I only specialises in PSLE Science Group Tuition and do not offer other subjects or private tuition.

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