If you are interested in the PSLE Science Tuition, you can either email me at or use the contact form below. Please note that I am only giving small group tuition (maximum of 6 students) for P6 students at my rented classroom (located near Lakeside MRT).  I am no longer providing individual tuition for other levels.

There are some prerequisites to join the PSLE Science Classes:

  • Students should be getting 60 marks and above for School Exams. (If your child is getting less than 60 marks, I am sorry that group tuition may not be suitable. You may wish to seek individual tuition from other primary science tutors instead)
  • Students are well behaved and motivated to do well for Science. (Strictly not taking in mischievous students who disturb the class or those who have no interest in Science)
  • Students are able to have regular tuition at the fixed arranged timing. (Strictly not taking in students who need to switch classes very often)

I will give out my contact number once the tuition is confirmed. I am sorry that I am no longer leaving my contact number online as I would receive too many irrelevant calls from tuition agencies, exam paper vendors, insurance agents and parents who want me to teach other subjects or provide home tutoring which is a big waste of my time.

The sequence of contact is stated below:

1. Parents email me.

2. Exchange of contact number once student’s placement in a suitable class is confirmed.

3. Arrangement of meeting and collection of tuition fees with parents before the first lesson start if necessary.

 Copyscape for PSLE Science website



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