About The PSLE Science Tutor

Male Primary Science Tutor
Male Primary Science Tutor
  • More than 10 years of Teaching Experience in tuition centres, private tuition and schools (relief, contract and project basis)
  • Head of department (HOD) of Primary Science at an established tuition centres with more than 10 branches in Singapore.
  • Have a flair for teaching Primary Science based on Scientific keywords.
  • Patient and Step by Step Teaching Methodology to enhance student’s understanding.
  • Students would be encouraged to come up with their own answers first to promote independent thinking before the tutor goes through the correct answers and concepts. Direct spoonfeeding of answers is discouraged.
  • Personally finds that Science is the easiest subject to at least obtain an “A” during PSLE. 25/30 MCQs (50/60 marks) correct and 25/40 marks for the structured questions would give the student a 75 mark which is very doable for the average student if he or she is taught the proper methods and techniques to answer the questions correctly .
  • Have taken many students getting around 80 but below 90 marks for Science to top 5 positions in class during prelims and an A* during PSLE within 3 months of intensive coaching before PSLE (July to September). Please go to PSLE Science Tuition Results page.
  • Have helped many students weak in Science to achieve an “A” during PSLE. My record was taking a P6 girl who scored 36 marks for her mid-year Science examinations to 67 marks during the school prelims and finally and “A” during PSLE. I only taught her for about 4 months. Please note that the girl was very hardworking and completed all the homework given.


Copyscape for PSLE Science website


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