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PSLE Science Tuition Primary Science Tuition Pictures Singapore
Primary 6 Science Tuition

The most important thing about learning science at primary level is the ability to identify the Science keywords and understand the Science concepts. Using the correct Science keywords to answer the structured questions is of paramount importance if your child wants to obtain an A* during PSLE. The main problem with many students with good Science knowledge is that they do not know how to structure their answers with the right keywords, thus losing marks for the long explanation type of questions.

My Science lesson will be focused on the drilling of Science keywords for each topic and the correct usage of Science keywords to answer the structured questions in Section All the Science notes are written by me personally. I do not hire anyone to write them. Please note that the Science worksheets would be taken from various assessment books and other sources if I do not have the time to compile them. I believe that I have come across 90% of the available assessment in the market so I would pick the best available questions.

During the lesson, I would be talking and explaining most of the time. I do not like to waste students’ time and parents’ fees by only giving them worksheets and asking them to complete in class. This is something that can be done at home.

My normal lesson plan for teaching a new topic would be something like this:

Step 1: Go through the topic comprehensively using powerpoint slides. Students would be given another set of notes (without the keywords) which is in tandem with the powerpoint slides. However, they need to copy down the all the keywords and key phrases from the slides. Short Science videos would also be introduced to reinforce the Science concepts.

Step 2: The worksheets would be given to them from the easiest to the hardest level. All the full answers and correct keywords for the more challenging explanation type of questions would be emphasized during the lesson.

Step 3: Exposure to Lower Secondary Science Level (only for certain topics) to enhance their understanding of the topic.

Step 4:  There would be a mini test at the end of the topic to gauge the student’s level of understanding.

Step 5: Linkage of topics to handle cross topic questions such as Heat (P4 topic) and Adaptation (P6 topic). An classic example would be:

(a)State an adaptation of the polar bear that helps it survive in the cold environment of the Arctic region.
(b)Explain how this adaptation helps the polar bear survive the cold environment.

Step 6: I would chose the more suitable Past Year Exam Papers to go through with the students according to their learning ability.


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